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Waiting on Mother Nature

We are at that time of year again...plants are pruned, weeding is getting done and our crew is getting tired of pulling them, blueberries are plentiful--just waiting for them to turn blue! It looks like another great season ahead and we are as excited to get going as you are. We are averaging 2-3 calls/messages a day asking if we are open! While we appreciate everyone's excitement, we want you to help us spread the word that blueberry season is still 3-4 weeks away.

We will have a limited number of 2 year old plants for sale this year. Consider buying a couple to plant at home for your daily fresh blueberry fix!

Things for you to work on in the next month:

1. Get yourself a good container to take your blueberries home in. Some great suggestions are a plastic dishwashing tub from the dollar store, the 5# and 10# containers you got when you purchased blueberries from us at the market last year, and even a 5 gallon bucket with a good handle.

2. Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter and you have "liked" and follow our Facebook page. Go to the Facebook page and comment on a post or two. It will help keep our page on your newsfeed in the future.

3. Share our page with your friends! It's so much fun to come pick blueberries with your buddies!!

Stay tuned for updates. We will ALWAYS keep you informed!

Bob and Jodi


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