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Updates-August 4th

U-pick will be closed August 5th to allow for ripening.

It's hard to believe but blueberry season will be winding down. The bushes still have plenty of berries on them but your time to pick and/or get pre-picked berries has an end in site!

U-pick will be strong next week as we will have two more varieties ripening up. Please bring cash-we don't have a cell signal out in the field which means we cannot use our Square.

If you need pre-picked blueberries - and who doesn't - please pre-order or get to markets early. Saturday's are especially tough for our small farm to keep up with demand and we typically sell out. We are planning on ending the market season on August 21. Our son is getting married at the end of the month and we need to turn our focus to that! U-pick may continue after the wedding but we will see what the supply is at that time.

We are so thankful for all of you and the support you show our family farm! This is a fast and furious 6-8 weeks but we enjoy talking with each of you and giving you the best blueberry experience we can!! Stay tuned for more updates.

~Bob and Jodi (& Tucker)


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