Pre-Picked Blueberries

Sometimes life gets busy and you simply don't have time to come out to enjoy the u-pick experience.  Or maybe you have no desire to pick but LOVE blueberries (and who could blame you!).  We provide pre-picked blueberries at two separate farm markets (Gaylord and Boyne City on Wednesdays & Saturdays).  Stop by the market and pick up a pint, a quart, a 5# or a 10# box.  We can also pre-pick your order and have it waiting at the farm for you to pick up.  If you choose to pick it up from the farm, or have a large order, we ask that you give us a day or two notice so we can make sure we have your blueberries ready for you.  Just call us, email us, or contact us via social media to place your order.  You will always get an entire container of top quality blueberries.  We want our customers to be satisfied and happy.

Pre-Picked Pricing

Pint: $5

Quart: $8

5# box $24

10# box $45

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