Farm Markets

Contactless Curbside

Sometimes life gets busy and you simply don't have time to come out to enjoy the

u-pick experience.  Or maybe you have no desire to pick but LOVE blueberries (and who could blame you!). 


Farm Markets

Market season has ended for our farm

We provide pre-picked blueberries at two separate farm markets (Gaylord and Boyne City on Wednesdays & Saturdays).  Stop by the market and pick up a pint, a quart, a 5# or a 10# box.  Cash is preferred, however if you choose to pay with a debit/credit card there will be a slight fee for that service.  


Contactless Curbside

frozen blueberries, honey, jam, dried blueberries, market bags, coffee mugs, necklaces, Yeti cups

Place your order by emailing us, contacting us through our Facebook page, or calling.  Please include:

Your name

Contact telephone number

Date you wish to pick-up the order

Your order (5# box, 10# box, etc)

We ask that you try to give us 48 hours notice so we can get you on the schedule to fill the order.   


You will always receive top quality blueberries freshly picked just for you.  We want our customers to be satisfied and happy!  When using curbside service we ask that you drive up to the house, place your money in an envelope (correct change only), write your name on the envelope, and drop it in the lock box when you pick up your blueberries.  Smile for our cameras or give us a little wave when you're here!  Simple, fast, and safe!


                   Cash        Credit       

Pint:                 $5          $5.23

Quart:              $8          $8.31

5# box             $24        $24.72

10# box           $45        $46.27

Jam                 $6/$7    $6.23/$7.28

Dried               $6          $6.23

Honey             $10        $10.36

Necklace        $10        $10.36

Note Cards     $12        $12.45

30 oz Yeti        $45        $46.27

20 oz Yeti        $40        $41.10