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As I sit here this morning drinking my cup of coffee I am reflecting on life. We are so blessed to live this life we were given. Being a farmer is hard work.. Very hard work. But at the end of the day it is incredibly fulfilling. We have met a lot of new people, from neighbors in the area to folks from Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, California, and even Germany! We are thankful for all of you. I've had many conversations with people and learn something new every day. It's especially nice to start putting some faces with the names I see pop up on our Facebook page. Tucker has definitely made a few new friends along the way as well :)

We will keep on doing what we do here. The harvest will wind down in about three weeks and then it will be time to get after those weeds that have tried to take over! None of us are looking forward to that; we pull all of those weeds by hand!

We have a big week of u-pick this week so make sure you take time to stop by.


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