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August means one thing - Abundant Blueberries!

It is hard to believe that July is ready to close and make way for August. We are starting our busiest month of the year and it's all for YOU! The field is loaded and will continue to ripen even further. Thank you for taking the time to visit - we sure enjoy meeting and talking with each of you.

It's time to start thinking about stocking your freezers for the winter. We have our 5# and 10# boxes at every market and ordering ahead makes it so easy! We pick fresh for you. One thing that has been a little bothersome this year is the number of people who order ahead and then do not pick up their order. We usually email and text a few times - please just respond to one of our texts. If you are unable to pick them up we can either sell the berries to someone else or freeze them. We understand that life happens so just let us know if you'd be so kind!

If you haven't been to the field this year you'll be surprised with how much the plants have grown and how many blueberries are hanging from the bush! We pruned really hard this spring and the result is a lot of really big berries! You'll love picking them.

Toro is coming on strong (we know it's a customer favorite!) but needs more time to ripen. Blue Gold (tart variety) has some really good picking right now. Come taste test a variety!

I'll add the order form here for you. As always, it's a joy to be part of the northern Michigan community - we feel the love and hope our field brings you and your family happiness and joy!

Bob, Jodi & Tucker


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