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Time to Fill Those Freezers!

This summer has been fantastic! Beautiful temperatures, cool nights, and plenty of delicious blueberries! Now our focus needs to switch to preparing for the long, cold winter ahead. Do you preserve or freeze the bounty of the summer harvest? It's time to take the time and get prepared.

Our family freezes 300# of blueberries each and every winter. Pancakes, muffins, pies, syrup, ice cream topping, smoothies, and just on our oatmeal. We freeze right in our cardboard boxes and enjoy perfect blueberries all winter long!

We are estimating we have TWO WEEKS remaining of our harvest season. It could go a few days longer - it could be a few days shorter. The point is -- the time is NOW.

Please pre-order your boxes. We can have them for you at one of our markets or you can do porch pick up. The next few weeks will be busy but it's all worth it in the end! Smiling faces and full freezers all leading to better health for all!


Talk soon -

Bob and Jodi


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