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Sunday, August 21

Hi all! We want to update you on the end of season happenings. We have an abundance of beautiful, fresh, delicious blueberries on the bushes! That's the GOOD news. The not so good news is our picking crew has dwindled with the start of college and high school activities (we just don't understand these over-achieving kids..who knew getting your degree in electrical engineering would be more of a top priority than picking for the Wagner's!! lol)

Having pre-picked berries will be on a VERY limited bases this coming week. We may not be able to fulfill your requests.

Sunday - August 21 UPick Closed

Tuesday - August 23 - UPick 10-6

Thursday - August 25 - UPick 10-6

We will reevaluate after Thursday on remaining upick opportunities. Come this week if you get a chance -- the picking is unbelievable!

Have a Blessed Sunday,

Bob and Jodi


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