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The end of the blueberry season

The season came to a quick end this year. We had quite an interest in u-pick this year and didn't anticipate it! I guess that's a nice problem to have! We would like to thank you for supporting our efforts and taking the time to get to know us. We really do strive to make your experience here as enjoyable as possible.

For the next few weeks Bob and I will tackle the weeds that tried to take over during the harvest. It will involve a lot of crawling on our hands and knees pulling weeds out by the root. We also use a mixture of epsom salt, vinegar, dawn dish soap, and water to kill/knock back some difficult weeds. Then it will be time to replace some mulch, prune some damaged limbs, and get ready for winter.

Did you know that we have to keep watering the field all fall? The plants set their fruit buds in the fall and need abundant water to ensure a plentiful harvest next season. So the irrigation system remains on as needed.

Next up will be preparing the products that will be available for our very popular Christmas gift boxes. We will have dried blueberries, chocolate covered dried blueberries, pie filling, lots of jam varieties, and possibly some blueberry syrup. These gift boxes are a wonderful gift for hard to buy for people.

Have a wonderful fall, enjoy color season, and we will see you in December!

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