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We love this time of year

Mid June is one of our favorite times of year here at the blueberry farm. The hard work of the early spring has ended. The bushes are pruned, weeds are under control (for the time being!), and the plants have green berries on them. Our garden and hoophouse are planted and growing like crazy. We may have fresh vegetables available for you this year! So it's a time for our family to take a few weeks to just enjoy the beauty of this area and get a little rest before the harvest begins.

The bushes have grown a lot...some of them are nearing 5' tall!! We remember that first season when our bushes were about 2' high and we all thought our backs would completely give out trying to pick the few blueberries that were on each plant. This season the bushes are LOADED and with the added height of the bushes we are looking for a very nice picking season.

As you prepare yourself to visit u-pick farms this year here are a few tips:

Always take a bucket to pick into and take your fruit home in. Your fruit will stay safe during transport and make your efforts worthwhile.

Bring cash to pay. Most farms do not accept debit/credit (although we may be this year).

Take sunscreen, plenty of water, and bug spray with you. It gets hot out in the field!

Pets are not allowed so leave them at home if you can.

We will keep you updated as the season nears. Until then, enjoy some strawberries!

Bob and Jodi Wagner

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