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U-Pick Blueberries are abundant!

We've had a terrific season so far and we are still going strong! We made the decision to end our market season a little early this year and just focus on our u-pick end of things. The field is just loaded with your favorite varieties! Toro continues strong. Patriot, Nelson, Blue Crop, and Blue Gold are at about 70% ripe so there is plenty of great picking left this year. Most of our customers are averaging about 10 pounds picked in an hour...doesn't get much better than that!

If you haven't checked out our Facebook page, please do. We need to get as many "shares" of our picking schedule as we can to spread the word. Berries will be falling to the ground if we don't get enough people here and that's just sad!

Hope to see you at u-pick in the next 10 days! We will have a special u-pick coming up where we are not charging our usual fee. You'll pick by donation and we are donating the money to a local non-profit! Stay tuned for details on that.

Bob and Jodi

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