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It's the start of blueberries!!

Bob and I are happy to get started with 2020 Blueberry season! It has been an interesting pre-season for sure. Lots of social distancing (not from each other lol) in our field making sure we prepare the field for our customers to enjoy. We've taken out some bushes that weren't producing well, we've mulched areas that needed it, we've pruned, and we've weeded...and weeded....and weeded!

There are some changes in our procedures due to covid 19. Hopefully you will support us in our efforts to keep everyone safe and healthy! It's why we grow blueberries to start with! Here's a quick preview:


We attend the Boyne City Farmers Market and the Gaylord Farmers Market on Saturday and Wednesday beginning July 18. We have pints, quarts, 5# and 10# boxes, honey, jam, and dried blueberries available. We have not increased our prices this year for cash purchases. If you choose to use a debit/credit card at market there will be a small service fee added. Pricing is available on our website. Please try to have exact change when shopping, cash is preferred. *Both markets are requiring masks.* We will have masks on as well and regularly clean and disinfect our hands and tables. Please refrain from touching any of our products prior to purchase. Pre-ordering is suggested as we tend to sell out at each of our markets. If you are unable to wear a mask or are concerned, please consider contactless curbside pickup at the farm.

To make your buying experience as easy and safe as possible, we suggest that you pre-order berries for the market. Just contact us through social media messaging or telephone with your order (5# or 10# boxes), a contact telephone number and what date you’d like to pick them up from the Boyne City or Gaylord market.

Contactless Curbside Pickup:

To pick up curbside/contactless at the farm, we need at least 48 hours notice. Contact us with your order and we will have fresh picked blueberries waiting for you on our front porch. When you contact us through social media messaging or telephone with your order please provide a contact telephone number and what date you’d like to pick them up. Also please indicate that you'd like curbside pickup. Please pay in cash by placing the correct amount in an envelope with your name on it in the lock box (no change provided). You can order any quantity that you'd like. You can also order jam, dried blueberries and honey. Our price list is on our website.


We will begin u-pick around July 25. You will be required to wear a face covering when you enter, when you walk to your picking spot, and when you check out. If you can social distance while picking we will not require you to wear the mask while picking. We will provide boxes to take your fresh picked blueberries home in-please do not bring any containers from home. A hand washing station will be available. We will no longer provide public restrooms.

Group size for picking will be limited to 4 people. We will try to accommodate groups larger than 4 people but please contact us prior to your arrival. If you have children with you, they are expected to remain with you at all times. We will not have toys for the children this year. Price remains $2.50 per pound and will be strictly cash only.

We will have separate entrance and exit points-please follow the signage when you enter the field. We will have to limit entry if social distancing is not possible. You may wish to avoid the usual “rush hours” of first thing in the morning and the first few days of opening. We will have blueberries well into August.

Our driveway to our home will be open for curbside pickup only—please do not park in the driveway!

Thank you for supporting us! We look forward to seeing you this summer!!

Bob and Jodi

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