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Thoughts of a blueberry farmer

Blueberry season is well underway!  We hope you’ve made time to come to see us, either at u-pick, market, or curbside.  Our new system at u-pick is working really well!  We’ve had hundreds of people come visit and have received many compliments to how easy, efficient, and safe our operation is!!  We’ve only had one group come without masks wanting to pick.  We made the decision before opening that no one would be allowed without a mask so it was an easy decision for us. They decided to leave and there were no issues. They were very respectful.

We’ve set our hours for the year to ease up some of the posting we have to do on social media.  Please check the website for details.

We are closed every Monday to give our staff a much needed day of rest! Wednesday’s and Friday’s we are not doing u-pick to give the field time to ripen.    Please don’t call and ask us to open up for you on those days-we will politely say no. 

We believe u-pick will remain open until the 3rd week of August give or take a little.  We will close u-pick and finish our last week or so at the farm markets and curbside.  We will post more as the picture becomes more clear. 

Thank you to our wonderful customers who are helping us navigate this challenging season-protecting us and eachother.  We truly appreciate you and the support you’ve shown us.  We will all be glad when we get past Covid19! 

For those of you wondering about Tucker, he is doing well!  He misses all his friends at u-pick and we hope in the future he will be able to come out and visit again!  He gets plenty of time in the field gobbling up dropped blueberries and chasing birds.  His seizures are being controlled with medication and he continues to enjoy life on the blueberry farm. 

God Bless,

Bob and Jodi 

& Tucker 🐾


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