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Time to stock up for winter!

As we venture into the middle of August it is time to start thinking of the fall and winter months. These months are beautiful in their own way, except the fresh fruit and veggies are gone. Bob and I are busy making sure you have the blueberries you need while also putting up our own supply of blueberries, green beans, tomatoes, blackberries, potatoes, corn, and much more! The bounty of summer is upon us and we need to be thinking ahead!

We will likely have two more u-pick sessions (one this weekend and one next week). We will update when we evaluate the field. Market season will end on August 21st. Just in case you missed it-NOW is the time to pre-order your blueberries to get you through the winter. They freeze beautifully right in the box. Just open the box and scoop out what you need for smoothies, pies, pancakes, bread, and oatmeal. It really is that simple! Send us an email or message today with your order and when you'd like them.

We will keep you updated on the schedule. Thank you for supporting our small family farm!

Bob & Jodi


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